ContraFlex Retrofit Solutions Presented along with ContraFlame Riser System at PFPNet Annual Conference

The 2019 PFPNet Annual Conference held in Manchester brings together industry operators, engineering procurement contractors, operations and maintenance companies and OEMs of Passive Fire Protection Materials for which Advanced Insulation are members.

Simon Thurlbeck, Director at PFPNet, invited presentations from manufacturers to cover Retrofit PFP Solutions, presented by Chris Read, Business Development Manager for ContraFlex and Composite Riser Protection presented by Philip Watson, Director of Topside Sales.

Chris Read, Business Development Manager for ContraFlex Jackets said:

“I was thrilled to be approached to discuss retrofitting flexible jackets to prolong asset life. During my 6 years working with ContraFlex Jackets we have provided a number of bespoke solutions for retrofit which solve a number of industry related issues. The presentation covered issues such as the failure of epoxy coatings in cold climate and new PFP areas once structures have been painted which would otherwise require blasting back to the substrate and repainting to apply PFP.”

Philip Watson, Director of Topside Sales for Advanced Insulation said: “It was great for us to showcase our ContraFlame Splash Zone Composite Riser Protection System and highlight a number of benefits to using composites. We thank Simon Thurlbeck and the rest of the PFPNet team for giving us the opportunity.”

Both presentations provoked great discussion points regarding integrity, longevity and certification for which the industry needs to consider when selecting Passive Fire Protection.

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Composite Riser PFP Systems Brochure
ContraFlex PFP and Jacket Presentation

PFPNet 2019 Conference Summary

The conference clearly demonstrated the need and
desire for PFPNet, that PFPNet is starting to get after
the areas that will make a real difference, and that the
participation and endorsement of industry is essential
to help improve competency and understanding.

PFPNet 2019 Conference Summary